M. Pope &. Co has taken the reins of the fine estate jewelry market in Central Massachusetts. Our Estate Consignment department offers customers a chance to sell their pre-owned jewelry on a consignment basis. As members of the American Society of Jewelry Historians, Michael and Melissa are thrilled to be able to apply their knowledge to assist people looking to buy and sell estate jewelry. Clients interested in this new program are urged to contact Michael or Melissa at 508-304-8833.



How does jewelry consignment work?

If you’re interested in consigning your jewelry, we asked that you call ahead to schedule an appointment so that we are prepared for your visit. During the appointment we will review and appraise the pieces using state of the art gemological equipment and evaluate your item(s) based on industry standards and market conditions. Depending on the complexity of the item(s) or the amount of items we may suggest that you leave the pieces in our care so that we may further inspect, research and gather as much information as possible.  We then suggest a sale price based on the quality, rarity, trends, metal prices, condition and market climate. Once we agree on a final sale price we review and sign the consignment contract and the pieces are then displayed for sale.

What percentage of the sale do you, the consignor, receive?

The consignor receive 65% of the sale price. Checks are written within two weeks of the sale.

Are my items safe one on consignment?

All pieces on consignment at M. Pope & Company are covered under the stores insurance policy for the entire duration of the consignment. It is a store policy that when the store is closed each evening all items are stored safely in the company vault.

What happens if my items do not sell?

If an item does not sell by the end of the term, we will contact you to either extend the term of consignment or arrange pick up. There is never any charge for unsold items. Please remember that some items sell quicker than others. We ask for your patience as our professionally trained sales team works hard to sell your items.

What kind of pieces do you consider for consignment?

There is a wide variety of pieces that we consider when working with consignors. Pieces must be considered finished wearable jewelry.  We mostly accept jewelry made of gold or platinum and in some instances silver of a fine quality. We do not consider any costume jewelry. We want to deliver the best quality to our buyers by maintaining a high quality standard.

Do you ever buy jewelry outright?

Depending upon the specific piece or the willingness to sell, we may in some cases offer to purchase pieces directly from a seller.

Platinum and Diamond Eternity Band 1.25 ctw, $4,025 NYSE84908-05

Platinum and Diamond Shared Prong Eternity Band 1.40 ctw, AN3089 $3,395

14K Rose Gold Diamond Pierced Antique Wedding Band 0.11 ctw, $795 WB3848

Platinum and Diamond Eternity Band 1.25 ctw, $4,025 NYSE84908-05