Why should the shine of your true love fade away?

Don’t be alarmed when the back of your ring starts appearing dull or you see bits of dull yellow on the surface – this is a natural process when the rhodium on the surface of white gold starts wearing off and the original milky yellow gold starts to show. But this is no reason to panic. Visit us to have all your pieces re-finished and plated while you wait.

Rhodium plating will not only enhance the reflectivity and luster of white gold, but also make the diamonds on it shine brighter and appear more clear and brilliant.

What is Rhodium and How Does Rhodium Plating Work?

Rhodium is a rare white metal that belongs to the platinum group in the periodic table. As compared to gold and other precious metals, it is more reflective and does not oxidize with air even in extreme weather conditions or heat exposure.Because of this property, not just white gold but silver jewelry is also plated with it to retain a shiny and bright appearance.

Rhodium plating is a standard process in the jewelry industry and is done to bring a super white appearance to white gold jewelry. Rhodium is applied to gold by an electroplating procedure when a microscopic layer of rhodium is plated over the original 14k or 18k white gold.

Why Does a White Gold Ring Need Rhodium Plating in the First Place?

What few people know is that rhodium plating is not just a process to make white gold shiny again – all white gold jewelry originally undergoes rhodium plating when it is first manufactured. Most jewelers make white gold by adding alloys like Palladium and Nickel into yellow gold. However, the resulting white gold is not pure white – it has a pale yellowish tinge to it. To make it appear super white and shine brighter, it is plated with rhodium. This process isn’t permanent. With regular use, the rhodium plating in your rings fades away, and bright white shine tends to wear off.

How Often Do You Need Rhodium Plating or Dipping?

This depends upon your usage of the gold jewelry, how rough or hard you are on it, your body chemistry and also the type of jewelry. Excessive sweating and chlorine exposure can also affect the life of rhodium and the initial thickness of the original plating also matters. When it comes to the type of jewelry, the plating on earrings, bracelets and necklaces tends to wear off slowly as compared to wedding rings and wedding bands because rings are more in contact with your body and other surfaces you are touching in a regular basis.If you aren’t using your jewelry much, rhodium plating may not be required for years. However, for engagement rings and wedding bands that are used quite often.

Not wearing your yellow gold jewelry any more?

Yes we can plate any gold jewelry in rhodium. Change your look from yellow to white by having your pieces rhodium plated.

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