Diamond Fluorescence

Diamond Fluorescence

bluediamondsDid you know that only about 25% to 35% of diamonds fluoresce? GIA considers diamond fluorescence an identifying characteristic, not a grading factor like the GIA 4Cs of Diamond Quality. Learn more how GIA accesses fluorescence.

Some trade professionals think blue fluorescence enhances a diamond’s appearance, especially diamonds with I to M color grades. Bluish fluorescence can make a faint yellowish diamond appear more colorless in UV light, such as natural daylight. As a result, near colorless to faint yellow diamonds with a very strong to medium bluish fluorescence may have a slightly higher per carat price than similar diamonds that do not fluoresce.

The opposite is true for diamonds with higher color grades: diamonds in the D to H color range with a bluish fluorescence are often considered less desirable by the trade. Some believe that a bluish fluorescence may cause a hazy or oily appearance in these diamonds, but only if the fluorescence intensity is very strong. Not all diamonds with very strong bluish fluorescence look oily, however, and they may sell for less than diamonds that do not have blue fluorescence.

Fluorescence is neither good nor bad. A diamond’s beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may perceive fluorescence, or you may not. You may like it, or you may not.

If you are considering a diamond with bluish fluorescence, take the time to look at it under different kinds of lighting, including natural daylight, and compare it to other diamonds of the same color. See if you notice any difference.

Perhaps diamond fluorescence sparks so much conversation because its effect is so subjective. Opinions range across the spectrum. See if you notice it the next time you’re in a jewelry store – and then decide if it appeals to you. You should love what you end up buying. There’s no hard rule, so let your heart lead the way.

Now that you know more about fluorescence, you probably want to dig deeper into light’s effect on another aspect of diamond quality. Read on to learn how light affects a diamond’s cut appearance.

Main Image Copyright: GIA and Harold & Erica Van Pelt. Courtesy: Harry Winston, Inc.

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